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Back On Track - CD

This is my album "Back On Track" it's a very melodic Rock album that I think you'll enjoy, with some special guest's appearing on the album. I have two instrumentals, one is Rock, and the other is an acoustic jazz song. You can buy the album at itunes at this link: also on Amazon and Rhapsody.
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Custom Guitar Bottleneck Slides - Sizes from small to large

Hand made Custom Guitar Slides for every player! I have small Mini slides from 1 1/8 " to normal slides up to

3" long. Colors vary from Clear-Amber- Green- Blue-Cobalt Blue-Brown-Frosted finish! These are great slides for the real players out there, they have good weight and play with ease! Look for them in the Photo Gallery here.

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You can buy these Custom Slides here at (661) 305-8034 or e-mail Discount prices for orders over three! Slides vary from $10.00 to $25.00 and Paypal, Money Orders, Checks accepted.