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Jon Pileggi: Guestbook

Lewis N Grubbs

May 25, 2014

Long live Ocean Toad!
Love ya man.

Jack Fitz

March 13, 2014

Dear Jon,
I will miss you a lot. You were my nicest and coolest teacher. Financial very happy for you. I am also going to take your advice. I am going to stick with the guitar and make you proud. I hope you do good in the films. Your student, Jack

Keith Bovberg

February 22, 2014

Impressive!! Enjoying your website Jon!

Jack Fitz

January 3, 2014

Hi Mr.Pileggi it's Jack. :):):):):):)

bobbie and mike

September 27, 2013

I see the sunrise through your eyes when you play, or is the sun setting down at the end of another beautiful day, watching as clouds slowly drift along... waiting to hear you play yet another song, the spirit of the minstrel on the wind...

Hey, sounds good my friend!


May 24, 2013


You know I'm a fan, but that aside, recently you have grown to universal stretches! It's been great working with you in post production and editing your music for film! I still would like to see you release a J&TC;album!

Wishing you all the best, and looking forward to more projects with you in the future!



May 20, 2013

Hey Jon,

All the music is just great! I know your going to get cuts with this stuff.

Keep up the fine work buddy.



April 21, 2013

Shout out to you my friend!
Nice website!

Nick & Wendy Pileggi Bernacki

April 21, 2013

You are a stellar musician, incredibly gifted and blessed with an amazing heart.

Russ Nelsen

April 3, 2013

great web page Nick is still doing guitar and playing drums in high school.He is also on the varsity baseball team as a starting catcher and pitcher. Doing real well. Hope everything is going well for you, Russ

Lance Abair

January 10, 2013


Gerry Perdew

November 8, 2011

Janine and I left the state and wound up in Washington. Ruairidh is up here also looking for work and helping me. It was so good to have you in our lives and I always enjoyed our time spent. I trust all is well and if your in the neihbor hood look us up!


David Sprowl

June 24, 2011

Looking forward to meeting you. Check out my site at if you get the chance,,see you soon.



June 19, 2011

sounds great how r u ?

Shawnda pileggi

April 22, 2011

U rock Unk.

Vickey Chitgian

January 14, 2011

WOW! this site is really awesome! YOU ARE REALLY AWESOME! and you SUPER talented! I wish you the best of luck even though I know you don't need it. Miss ya and see you soon!

josh woodruff

December 31, 2010

leona valley gang

Frank and Jill Pileggi

December 25, 2010

You are AWESOME......soooooo talented......we love ya. Keep up the good work.

Don Mersman

December 15, 2010

Keep the faith, Jon. Glad to hear things are looking up. DUES HAVE BEEN PAID, TIME TO COLLECT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Talk to you soon my friend.

Michael Farley

December 13, 2010

You are an inspiration. Time passes, and you remain steadfast to your love of music and the 6 string. I only hope and pray that the time and dedication you have spent pays you handsomely. You are skillfull and talented - it is high time that your listening audience embrace your heart, sound and lifelong passion to please - musically. Thank you for sharing your gift.


December 12, 2010

Awesome stuff, Jon. See you Thursday!

Debbie (Horgan) Swan

December 10, 2010

Love it!

Teddi Peters

December 8, 2010

Hi, still love this song. Hope you get a grammy for it. love you my baby brother...I got my speakers working so I could finally hear it AGAIN...

Roxy Steven

December 8, 2010

Jon... you are an amazing talent. Beautiful song!

Jim Thurston

December 6, 2010

Great job on the site Jon! The new music is rockin - keep it coming!

Abe Buller

December 6, 2010

i love the new stuff. :) keep on rockin jon

Michael Gaskill

December 5, 2010

I really liked your acoustic guitar playing, I wish you the very best with new work. "Great Job".

Matt Walker

December 4, 2010

It's about time that the music world discovered what a fine talent you are. Keep on rockin.


December 4, 2010

Great website, Cuz. Good Luck with your music. Russ

Chriss Horgan

December 4, 2010

You are one mean music machine with two CD's in the works ~ I can't wait for their release! I'm Very excited for you, Jon!

Jackie Bodine

December 3, 2010

Great music, can't wait to hear the rest. Wish you great success!!